This is it, what! Camp Lo take to London

By Anton Constantinou - @Aberrantin


UK hip hop fans and boogie lovers will have a rare chance to catch disco dawg’s Camp Lo tomorrow at London’s Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. It’s their second time only performing in the UK believe it or not.

Hot stepping onto the scene in 1997 with Uptown Saturday Night – as inspired by the 70’s blaxploitation film of the same name – rappers Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede offered listeners a little something different to jam to.  In the year dominated by the likes of Notorious, The Gravediggaz and Capone -N -Noreaga, Camp Lo broke the mould with a lighter, more funner type of hip hop.

True to its name, their debut album feels more like a boogie at the disco than a cipher on a street corner. Sure, a lot of the lyrics  on it don’t make sense, but that’s all part of its charm – it’s the flows and beats that grab you.

Rockin’ It aka Spanish Harlem , for example, uses an infectious Latin sounding melody from the Loose Ends song, A Little Spice, which has you raring to bust out the cha-cha.  Black Nostaljack is just as funky, due largely to its terrific Curtis Mayfield– Tripping Out sample.

Following their debut LP, Camp Lo have been pretty consistent on the album drops, releasing 7 between 2001 and 2015. They include the critically acclaimed, Black Hollywood, and 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s, produced entirely by the Chocolate Boy Wonder, Pete Rock.

Finish off your bank holiday in style with a whole-lotta-soul from the baddest Bronx natives in town. For a flavour of what’s to come, here’s their biggest release t0 date, Luchini:

For tickets to the gig, click here.

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