How Antix Shares His Global Experiences Through Hip Hop


2017 has officially seen hip hop become the dominating genre of music for the first time in history.

Billboard reported that it had become more successful than rock on the American charts while the latest Grammy Award nominations have been totally filled up with hip hop artists across multiple categories.

This ride of hip hop dominance is in thanks to part of the variety of styles that we now are able to hear. On one hand we have the ascension of “mumble” rappers in Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty while on the other hand the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper have become powerhouses in the more social elements.

Antix prides himself in belonging to the resurgence of socially aware rappers that have broken through in the last few years. The British Born, Jordanian has rapped about issues from mental health to spirituality and he continues to dive into the deep side with his latest single, When It Falls.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the rapper as he wraps up his upcoming album from his studio in LA, California.

“Since I came out to LA, I’ve been in studio mode.” Antix shared.

“The aim for this album is to take my style and put some real songwriting to it. The producers are not hip hop producers, they have won Grammy Awards so I wanted to experiment with different ways to come at music and these guys have an understanding of composition.”

The artist explained that even though he moved the the world’s capital of entertainment, he actually isn’t motivated by fame or catching on to trends.

“I don’t love mainstream modern hip hop as it’s very formulated and it has lost its essence. Some of my songs are 6-7 minutes because I don’t give a shit about conforming to a standard. I won’t stop a track till I’ve finished saying what I wanna say. I’ve never been one to give too many fucks about having a radio track.

“Trends come and go and that’s okay but I do my own thing, that’s it. People relate to you when you’re yourself. There’s no dressing a certain way or anything like that, I am who I am.”

Ultimately, the musician’s key mission is to share his story to connect with others.

“There have been people that have told me that the reason they are alive is because they heard my song at the right time and that means way more to me than any accolade or records sales. My mission is to keep connecting with people while being myself.”

This inspiration of making music that has a deeper message naturally has stemmed from Antix’s musical upbringing.

“I grew up on 2Pac, Nas, The Roots, Dead Prez and UK hip hop like Jehst. I’ve also always had a background of music that is away from hip hop such as jazz and classic singer/songwriters…I love all types of music.”

Antix will be taking his musical mission into 2018 with a bunch of new projects to look forward to.

“I’m part of a collective called Flight Of Voices and we put on live intimate shows all over LA. We strip back all the songs and perform with the very core of music. It’s interesting there to see how a song holds up with raw instruments. We are going to have many shows into next year.”

“I’m also going to be resulting a bunch of singles, culminating in at least one album, maybe two. There’s a lot of content coming next year!”

Keep up to date with Antix on his Instagram.

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