Rap Resolutions For 2017: How Hip Hop Can Make You Win The Year

By Anton Constantinou


Hip hop teaches us many things, good and bad. How to hustle, how to prosper, how to get laid, how to escape the trappings of ghetto life. The list goes on.

Its life lessons date back to the very beginning and underpin everything that’s moralistic about the movement. When Lawrence Parker adopted the moniker, KRS-One, meaning Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone, he did it for a reason, and from it came an educator who people still refer back to today. I myself got into hip hop for the lyrics, and discovered some of the boldest storytelling I’ve ever encountered, from tales of police corruption to advice on how to choose your friends.

We know it’s not easy sticking to New Year’s resolutions. Hell, its hard enough coming up with them in the first place. So to help you on your way, we’ve made a list for you to follow, using song lyrics as a source of inspiration. Here are ten rap proverbs, past and present.



In a simple few lines 2pac gives us courage to take on anything life throws at us.



A cautionary reminder from the godfather of hip hop on how to choose your buddies.



Timeless words from a timeless emcee. Not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth – sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time.



With courage and passion, there’s no limit to what can be achieved, says Biggie. His own success is proof of that.



In other words, stay humble and don’t be naive, insists X.



One for the ladies. In her Grammy award winning song, Queen Latifah sends a cold reminder that karma will catch up with you if you mistreat others. Women suffering at the hands of an abusive partner are encouraged to stand up for themselves.



If you’ve ever fallen on rough times, then you should relate to this. Wisdom in this regard seems to refer to knowledge of self, and the idea that it can put you on the straight and narrow.



Sometimes it takes several attempts to achieve certain goals, and losing faith will only hamper your progress. Aaliyah’s message is simple – just keep on going.

Slow down


As important as planning for the future and learning from our past mistakes are, knowing how to enjoy the moment should not be overlooked. So breathe, and relish each day as it comes.



Stuck in a dead end job with no hope of progression? Follow Outkast’s advice and go it on your own. Today’s entrepreneurs are making millions out of simple ideas, and, with the right planning and research so can you.

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