REVIEW: Black Ash Days by Trademarc and DC

By Anton Constantinou


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Every once in a while an album comes along which shakes you to the core, which stirs you from the inside out.

New release Black Ash Days from East Coast Avengers members, Trademarc and DC, does just that: offering brutally honest depictions of pain and suffering in a manner both heart rending and cathartic. The pain and suffering in question is Tradmarc’s own- a rapper diagnosed with clinical depression and suicidal ideation, he wrestles paranoia and self depreciation and longs for escape. Moving in chronological order, the album gives us the  full emotional roller coaster, starting with the general overview and  anticipation of promise (Pursuit of Happiness), followed sharply by emotional neglect (Fall On Deaf Ears), thoughts of suicide (A Familiar Rope) and feelings of inadequacy (A lesser Man). On Bury The Hatchet ,  we learn of Trademarc’s troubled upbringing as he confronts his father and attempts to make peace. Come the arrival of  Black Ash Days, as the final song and title track, it’s clear that Trademarc has made steps to re-building life, maintaining, ” “I built these bridges over choppy waters”.

Trademarc first stepped on the hip hop scene in 2005, collaborating with First Cousin and Wrestler, John Cena, on You Cant See Me.  Since then, he’s done entrance music for the likes Kurt Angle, released a solo album (Inferiority Complex), and teamed up with fellow East Coast Avengers members, Esoteric and DC to bring us Prison Planet.  Black Ash Days stands as his first album release with DC exclusively. It promises high energy beats, rich with gritty guitar chords, explosive snares and poignant piano playing. Tradmarc’s voice meanwhile is suitably rough and gravel toned, calling to mind the dead earth he sets out to talk about.

Whether for  its flawless production work, or visceral subject matter, Black Ash Days is must have for any true hip hop fan!    It’s available for purchase on CD from today. Alternatively you can download it on iTunes. For a snippet of what’s on offer, peep the Black Ash Days music video (below):


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