Video Interview: South London Rapper Vividree Tells Us How To ‘Get It Done’

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This summer, Highlight Nation had the chance to sit down with South London rapper, Vividree to discuss the state of UK hip hop, upcoming projects and his creative process.

Vividree is an unconventional rapper, part of a generation of socially aware hip hop artists such as J Cole or Kendrick Lamar. He delivers his signature flow on topics ranging from personal issues on “For the Rain” to street knowledge on “I Don’t Give 2’s”. His work is heavily informed by his own experiences, and aims to help end stigmas around certain topics.

During the interview, Vividree talks of how he made way for a budding basketball career to build a journey into music. Catch the full interview below.

The artist was born in Congo-Brazzaville before moving to Kennington at 7-years old. Music has always been in the blood of Vividree’s family with his father being an Afrobeats artist. This creative upbringing has had an influence on the experimental approach that the artist brings with his music.

The rapper has recently made a name for himself on a local scale and is now looking to spread his mission further by working with other like-minded artists around the globe. In an age of social change, Vividree has shared that his mission is to “Inspire others to get up and do what they love and be themselves.” This is summarised by his mantra of G.I.D – Get It Done.

Keep locked in at for updates on gigs and future projects.


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