Watchlist Wednesdays: N.O.R.E, Oh No! It’s… Drunk Uncle

By Anton Constantinou


Watchlist Wednesdays is a variation on the usual Think Ahead Tuesdays theme. It brings news of new hip hop tracks/ gigs/ films, as well as hot gossip.

Buckets is the latest release from N.O.R.E’s upcoming new mixtape, Oh No! It’s… Drunk Uncle. Like most N.O.R.E joints it’s hard hitting and drum centered, with addictive melodies throughout. Also featured are Manolo Rose and Rick Ross collaborator, French Montana.

The Drunk Uncle project promises to be something special. Due for release March 25th, it’s a monster 23 track mixtape with guest appearances including Kool G Rap, Pharrell, Nature and Royal Flush. Even Actor and Comedian Aziz Ansari makes the album credits.

As a break away from the rough and tough look of his previous work, the cover art parodies John Candy classic, Uncle Buck: a hilarious 90’s comedy flick about a clumsy slacker called upon for babysitting duties. We’re expecting fun vibes to compliment the visuals. Follow N.O.R.E on Twitter now.

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